Busy busy..

This week I’ve had the pleasure of photographing a fiftieth wedding anniversary party – here are Cathy and John with their great grand daughter!

I had a joyful play with Islay the puppy and my camera:

And I’ve made lots of beady beads, taken photos of them, and updated my Etsy shop:

I also have a £45 outdoor photo shoot deal running through March: email me if you’re in the Liverpool area – Abi@AbiBooth.co.uk

A new start!

I’ve been ill for quite a long time, but I’m back on top of it now! I’ve changed the blog and I’m about to update my website too – I’m taking bookings for photography again, woohoo!

I’ve decided to try to ‘make it on my own’ while I complete my degree – it’s part time so I have around 5 years left… in that time I’m going to see if I can really make it as a self employed creative person. In short I’m planning a hard-made handmade life!

I’ve opened a brand new bead shop full of my handmade beads like these:

 (Click on the image to take you there)

I’m also running a £45 outdoor shoot deal to celebrate spring! Contact me at Abi@AbiBooth.co.uk to arrange a magical spring-time session…

So busy!

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I’ve let myself get behind on my blog, I have been so busy… so I’m going to go back in time and remind myself about some wonderful shoots I’ve done lately! If you’re looking for Christmas deals check out my Facebook page.

At the beginning of Autumn I had the pleasure of photographing Poppy and Jack –  this session was interesting because they chose to have a half and half indoor/outdoor session, which meant I had lots of scope for different shots!


We had a fab time in the park – the weather was perfect and my two models were very well behaved…


It was great to get some indoor shots with my backgrounds as well as the lovely natural outdoor photographs..

...Poppy in a basket...

All in all it was a perfect day!

Halloween is on its way…

Halloween special: £50 for either 30-40 edited images of your children or yourselves in costume, or 10 edited images and one digitally manipulated spooky piece of digital art! The edited images are provided the usual way (by CD, email and 7×5 prints, with either the digitally manipulated/your favourite shot as an A4 – 16×20 sized print)

I absolutely love Halloween; my children get to have loads of fun dressing up and running round, and I get to let my creative dark-side run rampant!

I love to let my models dress up and then help to turn them into scary creatures..


Sometimes a costume just won’t do, and I have to crank up photo shop and spend the night creating monsters like Dr Frankenstein!

Zombie Boy

I especially love on location shoots with a view to creating altered, slightly disturbing images – Autumn is the very best time of year for capturing haunted images!

Hide and Seek

PS – I can also do cute! Honest!

Drop me an email if you’re interested Abi@abibooth.co.uk :)

Baby Fever!

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I’ve recently been overtaken with a baby photography obsession! It sprang from the realisation that I am very experienced at taking children’s portraits, but before last week I hadn’t attempted newborn/small infant photography… well all that has changed now thanks to some wonderful willing participants!

This is Finn

It was such a challenge, and so rewarding, that I just can’t wait to photograph more babies of this age – I’ve gone on a bit of a prop buying spree, so I’m all prepared for more newborns!

Tiny feet

It’s best to photograph newborns within the first two weeks of their life – so if you’re pregnant, or know anyone who is pregnant please arrange in advance! I charge £60 for three hours – with newborns this involves a lot of time relaxing the baby, so you can expect 10+ edited images as a result of the shoot. These will provided as prints – 7×5 and your three favourite as A4 or similar, and all the shots on CD/DVD and emailed to you full size for your future use. Contact Abi@abibooth.co.uk / 07758369002

No studio required!

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You don’t always need a studio to produce well lit shots with a chosen background… as an on location photographer I don’t own any ‘proper’ backdrops or studio space, but find that cobbling together my own mobile studio works remarkably well…

Which is great on a bored afternoon in your front room! All you need is a wall with some picture hooks/nails in it and a large piece of cloth to attach… natural light helps, so choose your place carefully… as does a good directional flash (Not a point and shoot camera flash! That’s too harsh..)

You can also use a tray covered in tin foil to direct more natural light at your model…. it’s as simple as that, so you can just let your imagination run wild!

New Website!

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Welcome to my sparkly new website! Please take a moment to have a look around! (If you’re not looking at this on my website then click the link!) I’d also love to collect up some testimonials if any of my past clients are willing?

August’s offer is a School Uniform Special – are you bored with the photos your children get taken at school? Are you fed up of their uniform being all scruffy and their hair escaping all over the place in every school photograph? Do they always, *always* pull a ridiculous face? Or are you just bored stiff of that fake pastel sky background?

If the answer to any of those questions was yes then get in touch to arrange an on location photo shoot of your child in their uniform (while it’s still shiny and new!) for only £45 including a CD of lots of images,10 7×5 prints, 5 wallet sized prints and your favourite shot as an A4 print (more prints are available)… Abi@abibooth.co.uk

Thanks so much for stopping by,

Abi x